The knowledge of the self means to have achieved the identity with one’s own Divine Being, one’s own Spirit, to experience directly the conjunction between the known and the knower. It is what we define as Self-knowledge.

To know oneself is fundamental: Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why do we live? What do we live for?

Everybody thinks they know themselves when, in fact, they do not. Therefore, it is necessary to reach the full knowledge of oneself. This can be done with incessant Self-observation. We need to see ourselves as we really are.

Unfortunately, people readily admit they have a physical body, but it is very hard to make them understand that they have their own Psychology. They accept their physical bodies because they can see them, but their own psychology is a bit different. Obviously, this happens because they cannot see their own psyche; for them it is something vague, which they cannot understand.

When a person starts observing his self or her self, it is an unmistakable sign that he or she intends to change it. It indicates he is becoming different from others.

Moreover, if someone wants to know the “Inner Worlds” of the planet, of the solar system, or of the galaxy, he must first know his own intimate world, his internal particular life, his own “Inner Worlds”.

"Know yourself and you will know the universe and its Gods"

Each one of us has Inner Divine Knowledge and it comes from the Real Internal Being. We know that God is everywhere, but do we know our own Inner Divinity? We never have time to know our inner world. We do not give it sufficient importance in our life. Nevertheless, it is necessary to start this work consciously.


We are constituted by three parts: Matter, Soul and Spirit.

Matter: our Physical Body or human machine.

Soul or Mind: 97 % of trapped Essence. It is the Psychic Energy, the source of our movements, thoughts and feelings. We don’t know it very well even though we live more time in the inner world than in the external world. Our different characters and defects condition it.

Spirit or Conscience: 3 % of free and conscious Essence. It is our Divine Knowledge. The Real, the Eternal or Immortal, the Real Knower within us which doesn’t belong to time and never dies.


To start an internal path we must study the Four Pillars of the Self-knowledge They will allow us to penetrate slowly in our Inner World called The Oneself.


The experimentation is the base of the Conscious Science. The Science teaches us the different procedures to be able to know our inner world and experience it directly.

The word “Knowledge” comes from knowing, not from believing. With practice we can experience directly the different Dimensions of the Nature.

We teach the following practices:
• Relaxation
• Concentration
• Astral Projection
• Meditation
• Retrospection
• Negotiation of Karma
• Cancellation of Karma
• Etc., etc., etc.


Art teaches us to create. The main creation that we can do is to create ourselves. How can we do that?

The great potential of the human being is latent in the sexual center; the good use of this center regenerates us. The Supra-sex or Superior Sex allows us to create the Superior Bodies of our Being in order to obtain a real representation in the different Dimensions of the nature.

This is obtained through the sexual union of a man and a woman, the insertion of the masculine phallus in the feminine yoni, without loss the Creative Sexual Energy, making this important energy to rise up vertebra by vertebra through the spinal cord to the brain.

Thus the Physical and Vital bodies are regenerated. Then we can create the Astral and Mental Bodies and finally, the Body of the Solar Will, to turn us into Real Humans.


Inside us many people are living, we are never the same person. Sometimes you are a mean and irritable person; in any other moment a splendid and kind person; later a scandalous or slanderous person; later a saint; then a liar, etc.

Our Psychic Energy is trapped in each of our defects; we are human-machines, simple marionettes handled by invisible threads. We lack the Real Individuality, every psychic defect moves us in different direction, and we are never the same person.

When we practice self-observation of the inner world seriously, we will be surprised with so many defects we have. Each of our defects is a different person. By eliminating any defects, the Conscience that it trapped is liberated. With the Death of each of our defects we can recover the Wisdom and Love that were enclosed within it. This way the Conscience’s sparks are released and they will integrate to the free Conscience.

Method to liberate our Conscience:

1. Self-observation (moment by moment) to discover our different defects.
2. Discovered defect must be judged until understanding it.
3. Before comprehending it, we will eliminate it by asking our Divine Mother to remove it from our Psyche.

With this simple procedure we can change our character, eliminating any little manifestation of the defect as thought, feeling or action we can release the Conscience locked within each one of our defects. This process is called Death in Action.


A person begins to know the inner world because he or she has started to experience and verify the reality of his own particular Being. By this verification he recognizes that self-knowledge needs serious work.

The Mystique teaches us to love the work, both the internal and the external.

Unfortunately, we are used to working only for money or other interests. When we have to work without this class of incentives we do not feel the desire to do it.

When we are working in the Creation of the Bodies, the elimination of our defects and the teaching to humanity, it becomes necessary to develop love for work, for work’s sake, without any other interest. This is one of the most difficult inner states because we are always waiting for a reward.

When we work with non-interest, when we do a real Sacrifice for Humanity we can experience Love for Her, we can vibrate with the wonderful force of Love, and we can feel an important change in each of our cells.

Only through practice and direct experimentation it is possible to perfect our aptitude to do what we call Mystique, because Love without work is impossible.


1. The regeneration of the human being.
2. Liberation of our Conscience.
3. Creation of the Existential Bodies of the Being.
4. Knowledge of all the Laws.
5. Knowledge of the Superior Dimensions.
6. Awakening of all the latent faculties.
7. Reach the Human state and then the Super Human state.
8. Immortalize the Soul.
9. Resuscitate into Oneself.
10. Achieve the Sacred Individuality.
11. The Self-realization of Being.